Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mrs. Oklahoma - Backstage Pics

Here are some of the pictures taken last weekend with my camera. The official pictures from the pageant are coming soon, but I thought it might be fun to share these as well.
On Friday night, we have a dinner with our husbands. I'm not quite sure why I have no pictures with my husband at this dinner but here are some of my friends!

Ann Forrester, Heather Rouba, Me & Marci Stager
After the dinner, Ann and I decided it was much too early to head back to the hotel. It was only 7pm and it was a date night with no children! We had to take advantage! We drove around and found Stables restaurant. Ann and I quickly located the dessert counter. Even though we had swimsuits to wear on stage the next night we could not resist these yummy pieces of cake!

Me and Ann and in our opening number dresses.

....and in our evening gowns.
With Lauren Masters. Lauren was 2nd runner up!
With Marci Stager. Marci was the 3rd runner up!

With many of the beautiful ladies backstage

With the gorgeous Heather Rouba!
Pretty ladies!

This was a shot of me coming off stage after being announced as one of the top 10. I was excited!

After the pageant, Hayden was eager to wear my new crown!
With Ryan at the afterparty. He looks so nice in his tux! I guess we can call him Mr. Oklahoma!
Me and Heather in our crowns and banners!

With Hayden. She was getting sooo sleepy!

I thought I'd just throw this in there! This is me the next morning before an entire team of people made me over for my photo shoot. This is what I actually look like! Ha!

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  1. Hi Alyssa, I love your blog! I am Heather Rouba's sister and I'm so excited about your platform on cystic fibrosis. I have two special needs children (CP and FAS) and I highly support working with special needs children. Keep doing what you're doing!