Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mrs. Oklahoma 2010 Competition Photos

I received my cd of official photos from April 17th's Mrs. Oklahoma competition from photographer Larry Wright! I wanted to share them with you!
We all had headshots taken outside in our opening number outfits...
...and in our swimsuits and banners.
Then we had a group shot taken of all of us in our swimsuits.
These pictures were taken right after my interview earlier in the day.
Pictures of the opening numberThe swimsuit competitionMy group for swimsuit
Jessica Ammons, Lauren Masters, Me, Ann Forrester & Rachel Flint
Evening gown competition. Ryan walked me on stage and looked so handsome in his tuxedo!
Evening gown group
All of us contestants on stage waiting for the Top 10 to be called.
I was the LAST one to be called of the ten! Here I am coming down looking very relieved!The Top 10
Lauren Masters, Sasha Townsend, Ann Forrester, Joy Rose Murphy, Alyssa Siler, Heather Gowin, Angela Russell, Heather Cunningham, Marci Stager and Rachel FlintHere I am being called FIRST, this time, for Top 5!
The Top 5!
Alyssa Siler, Joy Rose Murphy, Lauren Masters, Marci Stager and Heather Gowin.
Answering my onstage question
Heather Rouba's Farewell With her husband, Yury, and daughter, Iliana. Our director, Tracy Crist, is presenting her with an oil painting of her portrait.Receiving the award for Best Interview
The Top 5 were called down to the front of the stage for the big announcement!
4th runner-up was Heather Gowin,
3rd runner-up was Marci Stager,
2nd runner-up was Lauren Masters....
and they announced the 1st-runner up as Joy Rose Murphy!
I won!!!!I stood like this forever!
Especially because of the death of my father earlier that week, it was a very emotional moment.My crown and sash!The famous walk and wave! I was literally thinking "I hope I'm doing this wave correctly!".
The Mrs. Kansas pageant was combined with ours that evening. Here is the new Mrs. Kansas, Samantha Reinecke. She is such a sweetie and I can't wait to get a chance to know her better at nationals.
The two of us were very excited!
With the Top 5With the Top 10With my judges!
With former Mrs. Oklahomas
With Mr. Oklahoma and Hayden! She had been completely passed out and was pretty tired!With my family and friends!At the after-party at Roma's in Guthrie


  1. Congratulations........I wish I could have enlarged the pictures...really couldn't see you face. I like to know what a person looks like. God Bless Trish

  2. Congratulations, Alyssa! I just can't imagine the emotional rollercoaster you were on that week. You looked beautiful and I just love your gown!